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Save $20 on your Ultrasound Keepsake!

For a limited time, save $20 on your ultrasound keepsake at ForeverBaby!  This is the perfect way to eternalize a precious memory. CODE - FEB20 <!-- Begin MailChimp Signup Form --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><link...

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Hot Deal – Diaper Genie $29.97

Great deal on the Diaper Genie at!!  Find it here. <!-- Begin MailChimp Signup Form --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><link href="//" rel="stylesheet"...

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Must have – Baby Registry!

We just had our baby girl in December 2017 - what a blessing! We might only be one month into parenthood but boy, do we know which items we ADORE from our Registry! First off - the best invention EVER Fisher-Price Deluxe Auto Rock 'n...

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Pampers Rewards – Codes for Free Points

Pampers has a Rewards program and yes, you can use it even if you don't buy any Pampers products! Lots of codes going around and I'll do my best to keep an updated list here.  Please note that some code will expire. Sign up for the Pampers Rewards Program here....

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My favorite pregnancy books

My favorite pregnancy books. I love reading.  I'm a book worm.  I love my kindle, I love my books.  But there's one thing about pregnancy books - THERE'S SO MANY to choose from!  You can easily get into information overload. I decided to not read everything from Day...

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FREEBIE – Goody bags from BuyBuy Baby & Babies R Us

FREE GOODY BAG - buybuy Baby and Babies"R"Us So today we decided to start our baby registries and this is what we got! Sweet huh?  LOTS of great baby goodies!  Let me break it down for you. Why I love goody bags so much you ask?  Well, it gives you a...

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FREE Baby Samples & Goodies in Canada

UPDATED:  August 22nd, 2017 Whether this is your first baby or not, getting free samples and goodies is ALWAYS exciting!  It's also a great way for you to test different products, get coupons and other freebies! Below is a list of current offers for FREE...

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How to Buy Cheap Diapers in Canada

Don't miss out on any deals! Sign up to BabySaver's Hot Deals & Updates today! <!-- Begin MailChimp Signup Form --><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><link href="//" rel="stylesheet"...

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