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When we got the news that we were pregnant, this was one of the first things I researched – how to buy the cheapest diapers in Canada!

I quickly realized when googling around that most of the results coming up where pages from the US.  Although not so helpful for us Canadians, it did give me pointers of where to look for the best deals.  Once I figured it out, I wanted to share with the world!  I love to save money and if you’re here, you’re probably the same as me!  🙂

So here goes.  The best (and easiest) way to buy the cheapest diapers – Amazon Prime!  Yes, online giant saves the day!

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a yearly paid membership with   As of July 21st 2017, the cost of this membership is $79 CAD.
This is what is included with your membership:

  • Twitch Prime
  • Member exclusive discounts (worth it!)
  • Prime Photos – Unlimited storage (we all know we need more photo storage with the baby coming!!)
  • Prime Video – Watch online shows (similar to Netflix)
  • Shipping Benefits – Free 2-day shipping
  • Early Access to deal (lighting deals)

Plus, you get Amazon Family!

What is Amazon Family?

Amazon Family provides Prime members exclusive offers, coupons and 20% off diaper subscriptions.
It’s really great!

Let me show you how you can save!

But first, let me share how to calculate the REAL diaper costs!

Compare your diapers on the UNIT price (per diaper).  Why?  Because EVERY package can vary – more so if you’re comparing from the big box stores!

Here’s how: 

Take the price of the box (Costco Example below) $35.49 and Divide by the number of diapers in box ($35.49 / 192 = 18 cents per diaper).  The cost per diaper for this box is 18 cents per diaper – this is the number you need to keep track of when comparing prices.

In my price chart below, this is what you’ll find – cost per diaper.  That’s all that matters and you can easily compare it to any other deals you might find out there!

Get your FREE 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial Here

A baby will go through an average of 2,500 to 3,000 diapers in their first year.   And, chances are, your baby won’t be (fully) potty trained until they are 3 years old.  That’s a lot of diapers.  And spending money on diapers stink!  So I was on a quest to find the best deals on diapers.  Here is what I found:

Amazon Diaper Deals/Selection

Here is an overview of the diaper selection at Amazon.   On average, you will save more than 3 to 4 cents a diaper!  On some packages, that’s a saving of $10!

*Please note that these all include the Amazon Family & Prime discounts which usually give you 20% off the listed prices.
If there’s an additional eligible coupon, it will be mentioned beside the listing.

*Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Newborn Diapers:


Size One Diapers


Size Two Diapers

Size Three Diapers




Size Four Diapers


Size Five Diapers

Size Six Diapers


Size Seven Diapers

“But hold on…how does Amazon Prime Family work?”

  1. You sign up for your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of Amazon Prime: here
  2. Once signed up, you automatically qualify for 15% off your diapers by creating your Amazon Family profile (FREE included with PRIME).
  3. View the selection of diapers here.
  4. You can receive an extra 5% off when you select “subscribe & save” when you checkout. You’ll be paying for multiple (2+) deliveries of diapers up-front.


The “Subscribe & Save” and “Amazon Family” Discounts

Amazon has two programs that can save you a total of 20% on the price of diapers – Subscribe & Save program (5%) and the Amazon Family program (15%).

  • 5% discount with Subscribe & Save. The Subscribe & Save program will save you an extra 5%, and it’s completely free.  You subscribe to shipments of diapers at intervals of your choosing.  You receive free shipping and automatic shipments.
    Please note that it can be cancelled at any time.  Amazon’s free 365-day returns remove any risks.
  • 15% discount with the Amazon Family program. The Amazon Family program has a number of benefits on the entire Amazon site, such as free two-day shipping, additional coupons providing deeper discounts and many more.  This program is FREE and included in your Amazon Prime membership.

Can you see why Amazon Prime is the way to go?

How “Subscribe & Save” Works

To receive  the additional 5% on your diapers, you need to “Subscribe & Save” which basically means that you sign up for monthly (or whatever time you prefer) shipments of diapers.

Why Buying Diapers Online is the Better Deal

The best diapers deals I found was online. Stores like Shoppers Drug Mart & Walmart just can’t compete with that. Costco is close but still, you save more with Amazon.  You can order in bulk online, save money AND have them shipped to your house.  Perfecto!

With the FREE Prime trial, there’s no reason not to try this!  Sign up here today!


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