When you feel like your body isn’t your own anymore and you get frustrated because your clothes don’t fit you well anymore, it’s time to find some pieces that will make you feel beautiful again!  There are LOTS of things we don’t control when pregnant but one thing we can and that’s what we wear!

Yesterday, I went on a spree to find some key pieces to add to my wardrobe.  Pieces that weren’t too expensive and hopefully, non-maternity clothing so that I could wear it after the baby is born!

Here is what I found.

This.  This top I just LOVE!  So sexy and versatile!   I think we all need a piece like this.
You can wear it over a maxi dress, leggings and a tank top, name it.  It’s also on sale for $21 (ugh, I got it full price! lol).
Find it here.

And this one too!  So nice.  I just LOVE cardigans and kimonos.
Find it here.

I also love this plaid shirt!  Love the length, roomy but still has some shape!
Find it here.

And this shirt at Reitmans!  Love it!  I’ll wait for a great sale to grab one but I love the way it flows!
Find it here.

I hope this inspires you to shop in your regular stores to find key pieces that could fit you now but also after your pregnancy!
May we all feel beautiful and sexy, while saving money 🙂