Pampers has a Rewards program and yes, you can use it even if you don’t buy any Pampers products!

Lots of codes going around and I’ll do my best to keep an updated list here.  Please note that some code will expire.

Sign up for the Pampers Rewards Program here.

Download their free app on your phone and get 100 bonus points just for signing in!

Get a bonus 50 points when you scan your first product!

Add the following codes to get more free points!



NEW CODE – Added Nov 2 – BBYRUSRK18 – 10 pampers points

NEWMOM2017 – 10 pampers points

KRAZYCOUPONLADY – 25 pampers points

XSurvey20PT2017 – 20 pampers points

BUYREGKITBABY16 – 10 points

PAMP8C91ACNEL17 – 50 points

BABIESRKIT89816 – 10 points

AMAZONREG9N2K16 – 10 points

PED763OBGYN2017 – 20 points

TARGREGKIT87116 – 10 points


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